Delivering Personalized, Quality Nursing Care At Your Doorstep

At Luxe Concierge Nurses, LLC we provide compassionate, professional, and luxury nursing care where and when it’s most needed. By offering quality care in a therapeutic environment, we aim to improve recovery and support patients and their loved ones as they navigate their healing journey.

Why Choose Us?


Luxury Care

We help create a luxurious healing environment, whether at home or place of your choosing by utilizing candles, essential oils, flowers, therapeutic music, etc. Through personalized care, we make you feel comfortable and well taken care of as you embark on your healing journey.


Healthy Eating

We are passionate about providing you and/or your loved ones with healthy meal options post-surgery. With experience in vegetarian and vegan meal preparation, we understand the importance of food as medicine, doing our part to provide healthy, healing, and nutritious meals.


Christian Values

Owned and operated by a Christian, our values and mission reflect loving, caring, therapeutic and compassionate services that uphold the highest standards of integrity. Following the example of Christ, we’re here to serve you and extend a loving hand in your hour of need.


Convenient & Quality Care

What if you could receive professional nursing care from the comfort of your home? What if there was someone in your corner to help advocate for your needs? What if you weren’t alone on your healing journey?

At Luxe Concierge Nurses, LLC we meet your what ifs with compassionate and professional concierge care. By providing you and/or your loved ones with customized care solutions we give you peace of mind knowing that there’s a professional healthcare expert in your corner working with you every step of the healing journey. Creating a peaceful and luxurious atmosphere, we alleviate postoperative stress and improve autonomy of care.








Our Services


Post-Operative Concierge Care

Choose from a selection of post-operative care packages to meet you and/or your loved ones needs post surgery.


IVF Services

We educate and support you on your IVF journey with personalized, compassionate, and professional care. 


Patient Advocacy

Receive the support you deserve with patient advocacy services that improve communication and care coordination.

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